Encourage Donations and Raise Church Funds

One of the major hurdles for anyone involved with the management and maintenance of a local church is money. We can’t escape the need to spend if we want to keep things running as they should, but budgets are often stretched thinly within the church, especially in areas where support and interest is harder to come by than it used to be. However, a proactive approach and some creative thinking can unearth new and exciting ways of raising funds for the all-important upkeep of your church. Here are some ideas to consider.

Don’t ignore online marketing

To start this list, we must advise anyone tasked with modernising a church to consider the benefits of spreading the word online. The Internet is a great opportunity in so many respects, but still ignored by many in such a position. For example, websites that encourage users to swap unwanted items or gifts and trade services for goods are one of the latest trends, following in the footsteps of auction and giveaway sites before them. You could use these bartering websites (which don’t require the exchange of actual cash) to trade in outdated supplies and furnishings from your church, and even offer the time and services of local parishioners who are willing to volunteer their time in exchange for resources the church needs. This is just one example of using online resources creatively.

Involve local charities

Encouraging people to donate to charity is another role of many churches in their local communities. In many cases, churches and charities may find themselves in similar situations, so it could be beneficial to organise events that benefit both parties as well as the wider community. Large scale sponsored challenges – anything from bungee jumping to head shaving – can be a great way to raise awareness in the community and encourage people to give back, not only in support of the church but other well deserving causes.

Arrange activities for all ages

Families are very much a part of what local churches should be looking at in their communities. Finding ways to engage with children, parents and everyone else should always be a priority, and this is definitely a good starting point when looking to arrange fundraising events. Ensure you have activities on offer for all the family if you want to appeal to everyone, even if you have to opt for adult and children’s versions of the same activities!

Make the most of special occasions

Around Christmas, Easter and other significant times of the year, many people may feel a stronger connection with the church and be more inclined to get involved. It makes sense to coordinate fundraising activities and incorporate them into seasonal celebrations and church events, in order to keep spreading the word and connecting with as many people as possible. Ultimately this is what helps local churches continue growing and giving back to the local population as much as possible.

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