How to grow your church


Like businesses, churches are also looking for ways to grow their community. Luckily there are now more ways on how your church can be more transparent to others. Another important factor that churches could focus on is improving their current relationship with their community as this is the key to opening more opportunities. If you’re looking into growing your church, why not try our tips below.

Create a website

In today’s technology, no matter what kind of organisation you are, it’s vital to have a website. Almost everyone on earth is on the internet looking for different things. Having your website up on Google means that you are visible to millions of people who may be looking for a community to join. The website should entail all the information about your church.

Create your social media accounts

Social media is a cheap way to market your church globally. Take advantage of Facebook, for instance. You can advertise any upcoming events on your page whenever you want. People will then have a chance to see what your church is all about. Facebook pages are currently used for many things that could benefit your community.

Introduce a community service

Why not create a community service where you can help your community and earn your reputation locally. Look for local volunteers who want to support your project. This is an excellent way to increase the numbers of your members too. There are many free projects that you can introduce to help your local community. This can include anything from assisting any local schools or any local events.

Trained Leaders

Put more trust in your leader and find ways on how you can empower them as this will help them take ownership of their role. This will improve their sense of purpose in the group, and they are also more likely to spread the word out to their friends or family who could become a potential audience.