Why Church Renovations Are Worth the Investment



It isn’t uncommon for churches, especially those in small communities, to eventually become outdated and in need of some renovation. The problem is, of course, that most churches are run on very limited funds and a little money will only go so far. Another issue is simply finding the right time to undertake such a project. Most ministers would rather skip the entire process and jump straight to the end results, if it were possible.

Interestingly enough, however, the opposite scenario may in fact turn out to be the best. For many local communities who have successful updated their churches, the actual process turned out to be the best part. A project like this can actually be a very positive way to engage with a wider section of the local community and build up more interest in the church, and most of this will be done during the planning process.

Firstly, it will take some money to pull off a successful church renovation even if you get plenty of volunteers to lend a hand when it comes to manual labour. Buying new church chairs, furniture, carpets and paying for maintenance may be essential. The best way to raise this money may be through local fundraising activities like fetes, car boots, afternoon teas or bake sales which get everyone involved and pulling together in order to improve something that benefits everyone. This is a great rewarding feeling for all concerned, and the money raised will of course go towards those essential aspects of fixing up the church.

There are also things you can implement in the actual design of the church itself to encourage that community spirit even more. For example, choosing flexible church chairs or folding chairs that can be arranged differently if required instead of traditional straight wooden pews has been cited by numerous ministers as a great way of creating a more comfortable and relaxed feeling among parishioners. People are then able to sit in such a way that they are able to see each other and share the experience of being in church more easily, plus it means the space can be more freely used for different kinds of activities and services.

This is just one example, but the decoration and furniture you use in your church will all have an impact on the way it’s perceived and used, which can make a big difference overall. Welcoming suggestions and ideas from anyone willing to contribute is the best way to make sure all the best ideas are heard and factored in. This will ensure your church renovation project moves quickly in the right direction and helps the whole community feel a stronger sense of belonging as a result.…